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Continued value of breastfeeding, beyond the early months

Nutrients provided by breastmilk in the 2nd year

While I appreciate the comments, I cannot endorse the businesses promoted at the beginnings of the last two posts.  Promoting other businesses isn't the purpose of this blog.
I also definitely do not endorse, in any way, any business that writes essays for other people, a practice that may result in an incorrect assessment for the student and put him or her at risk of discipline by the school or university.

Nutrients provided by breastmilk in 2nd year

Years ago there was an Old Wives' Tale told to breastfeeding mothers as their baby reached the second half of the first year - that their milk would "turn to water" at a particulr age, usually the age the baby was then.  This comment was both illogical and unscientific - milk continues to be milk.  These days, although the extreme belief of the past seems to have disappeared, mothers and health professionals still wonder if the milk is still nutritious enough for breastfeeding to be worthhile in the second year.
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